About PNE Labor Force

About PNE Labor Force

PNE Labor Force is an affiliate of PNE Corp

PNE has put together this affiliate to create opportunities for Tribal members within the Tribe we are working for and also be able to pull from our data base other Tribal members that have worked on previous jobs to work on all new Tribal projects. If the Tribe does not have a TERO program set up or if they do we can also use it in conjunction with their TERO to help put Tribal members to work. On all Tribal jobs we hand out employment applications for Tribal members to fill out and apply what skills they have toward the given project.

All applicants are given an interview and will go through an on-site drug test. Once the drug testing is complete and they have passed we will provide a safety training class for them. At that point they will be given the opportunity to work for PNE or any of the subcontractor no-core employees that we have hired.

Our Mission

PNE is All About Solutions. We will provide the best possible solutions to our customers which exceed their expectations and gain their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team. We will perform our work with safety, integrity and pride.

Our Vision

PNE will continuously expand its efforts to grow profitable by always meeting customer needs today and in the future. Our goal is to be the very best by maintaining the highest level of professional services in an atmosphere of mutual support, teamwork and uncompromising ethical standards.

Looking Forward

PNE Co and its Divisions are positioned for continued growth in target markets.

  • We will continue to strategically grow our business.
  • We will continue upward growth creating more innovative solutions for our clients.
  • We will continue our corporate responsibility by supporting our local community and embracing the global community sustainability practices.

We welcome the challenges of the future and embrace the opportunities to create solutions for our customers.

Our Success is based on

Customer Focused Solutions

PNE and its Divisions value our customers and seek continuous innovative solutions.


Through vertical and horizontal diversification, we have strengthened our financial platform, developed business strategies and created new entry ways for target markets.

Strategic Growth

PNE continually researches markets and develops opportunities for managed growth evaluating the risk and reward equation.


PNE teams are experienced professionals providing the newest innovative solutions for our customers whom are the foundation of our business success.

Asset Quality

PNE believes in a well capitalized, well maintained, well equipped fleet including an in-house maintenance and painting facility.

Ethical Behaviors

PNE’s value system is the foundation of all of our business practices. Our Team performs with the highest regard for ethics, integrity, respect, and honesty.

Partners & Friends

PNE was established with a vision to become the leader in construction, industrial & commercial electrical, industrial services and environmental solutions. Working with clients in the US and internationally, PNE Co and its divisions have established a solid reputation within the industry offering clients the commitment and expertise needed to ensure innovative solutions.